About Us – Why Deflated Football Hats?

In May 2015, when the NFL announced its DeflateGate punishment, our concept came to life. With Tom Brady initially being suspended for four games, that meant his first game back would be against our beloved Indianapolis Colts. Our first thought: We HAVE TO go to that game. And then we thought: What can we do to have some fun and, at the same time, really tweak Brady, the Patriots and their fans? At first, we thought about going to that game dressed as human-sized footballs—deflated ones! But we realized that would be hot and cumbersome. Would we even fit through the turnstiles?

That’s when the idea popped into our heads. Let’s design novelty foam hats, t-shirts and baseball caps reminding the Patriots that while they might want to forget the past, we’re not going to let them!! First came the idea for the “Pinhead”—the air needle valve hat. Then came the idea for the “Airhead”—the deflated football hat. And then we thought, let’s sell some “Deflatriots” gear for good measure.

And by “we,” we mean the two guys behind the hats and behind DeflateGateHats.com. We went to college together in New England. We’ve been friends for almost twenty years. Full disclosure: One of us actually sort of likes the Patriots because his wife is from the Boston area. But the other one grew up in Indianapolis and has a deep hatred for (and distrust of) the Pats.

So we decided to have some fun. And now you can too. Whether you are a fan of any of the NFL teams that the New England Patriots play on the road this year–the Jets, Bills, Dolphins, Giants, Cowboys, Colts, Broncos, and Texans–or if you are a fan of any other NFL team (or even if you are a Patriots fan), please buy our products and let the world know that we won’t soon forget about DeflateGate!!

Take a picture of yourself in your hat/gear and email it to us at deflategatehats@gmail.com.  Or use #deflategatehats on Instagram or Twitter.